Monday, January 22, 2007

Long way to Taipei

I have been away from blog-writing for a while but, here I am. Reaching Taipei was a long trip. It took 14 hours to reach Tokyo, in a direct flight from Toronto and then, another 4 or 5 hours to reach Taipei. Fortunately, we spend the night in Tokyo, breaking a bit the travelling mood.

Few Observations

Well, these comments are not exactly related to Kendo but, they are very real anyway.
Thanks to my friend, who travels very often, I got access to the Air Canada lounge, that is a reserved area for the first class, business class, or frequent (very frequent) customers of the airline, Super Elite that's called. In that area, you can relax and enjoy free goodies, food, coffee, all kinds of drinks, Internet, news papers, etc., all while waiting for your flight, and everything is free.
So, that impression of "free stuff" kicks hard on some people, and I have observed here people drinking wine or spirits at very odd hours or, eating like if WW III was about to begin, kind of disgusting. It makes me much all that "free stuff" is really free, when most of these people had paid close to $9000 CND Dollars for a ticket!?, unreal isn't it?

The other good thing was to have access to priority luggage treatment, it means that your luggage gets processed in a slight different manner and less chances for it to be misplaced or lost. So, when it comes to my bogu, that was really a good-to-have option that brought to me peace of mind. Hey!, I can spend 2 weeks with the same underwear but, being in Japan with no bogu?? .... Out of the question!

In any case, I have enjoyed like Cinderella, being part of a dream that it is, normally, out of my league.

Flight Time

It was, as I've said, a long flight. We left on daylight, then it turned night, then day again, then night again...and I was still on the air!, so, I went to a flight attendant and asked if the airplane had enough fuel!, we all laugh, well, or so.

Stay tuned, more comments coming up soon .....


At 9:50 PM, Blogger pablo florido said...

muy lindo blog!!! le felicito me siento en derecho de hacerlo!!! con mis 40 añitos, mis 30 y largos en karate y todavia recuerdo esa incrible velocidad suya! era rapido, muy pero muy rapido!!, pero no pegaba porque no le gustaba pegar todavia puedo ver eso, un gran karateca, como pòcos, y yo me dicia a mi mismo con tan pocos años algo tiene ese tipo adentro ja_! - le envio un saludo con mis respetos desde argentina, fui alumno de luna muchos años luego de justo gomez, y devuelta a la aes con pretenciones decaminar bajo guia del rei del unsu- maheamasaki- saludo pablo florido un simple admirador lejano, silencioso y muy respetuoso de su marcialidad


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